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  • Just wait for a  couple of days to see drugs on your Shipment Address

It is dependent on the location worldwide. We ship all packages via UPS, USPS, FedEx, DH. In most cases, your package will arrive within two or three days. If you reside in a rural area that is not a well-connected region, sometimes it might take one or two days.


Do you transport Medical Marijuana outside of the U.S.A?

  • Yes, we ship outside of the United States.
  • We ship worldwide


What is the consequence if I don’t receive my email?

If you don’t get your package two days after the expected arrival date, contact us, and we’ll make a report to Post. If a trace has been filed, Post will conduct an investigation (which may take five days to finish). If they find the package, they’ll deliver it to you, and you’ll receive it a couple of days later. If it’s determined to be “unrecoverable” or lost in shipping, we’ll give you a one-time replacement package that is up to $500 worth of your package, free of charge. We don’t provide refunds for the postage if your order is delayed due to postal issues.

Ahhhh, it’s the most frequently asked question on our mails and Customer Support. The answer is simple! Just Check out our reviews and the variety of products, and at last our name is enough to make you trust blindly on The Jungle Boys. We officially started store in 2006, but due to more medical needs and privacies, we have launched an online platform for getting your drugs in a safe manner. We really cares your privacies and protects you from any loss by making our platform much easier and safest.

We at jungle boys cares about your convenience, we never overcharge to our customers, so we haven’t any type of delivery charges or hidden charges throughout our platform.

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