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What exactly is Afghan Hash and Why is it so popular?

Since the beginning of the legalization of Afghan Hash just a few decades ago, cannabis has paved the way for the development of new products through making and processing cannabis in order to increase its marketability. Cannabis is now available to consumers by using oils and concentrates.

Legalization is certainly the most beneficial thing that has happened to cannabis, however, most people have forgotten the OG of the entire range of concentrates and oils: the hash. The most popular is the Afghan hash.

What exactly does Afghan hash? It is, in particular, a potent concentrate of cannabis which is high in THC. This type of method for making cannabis is already in place way back and is an established practice in Asia specifically in Afghanistan.

What is the process for making hash?

Hash is made into a solid resin , which can be consumed by ingestion or smoking. Hash has gone through a number of changes over the past few years, but it is still very popular because of the increasing popularity of dabbing and vaping both of which are different ways to smoke cannabis.

The market for hash is growing by tenfolds. The market was estimated to be that was worth about 4 billion dollars just two years ago and is expected to reach $14 billion five years from now.

Hash is one of the most sought-after marijuana products that should not be overlooked if you’re smokers because, although there may come a point at which the amount of cannabis you consume increases as you realize that you are becoming more and more fond of it.

In this blog we’ll discuss the rise in popularity, the background and the evolution that hash experienced. First, let’s look at what exactly a hash as well as its history, as well as the way it is made and processed prior to when it became a global commodity.

What is the reason it’s is referred to as hash?

Hash is the abbreviation for “hashish” which means weed which has been translated into a variety of languages and terms that have come up with this term. Hash could be used as an alternative term to refer to “kief” or the sifted cannabis granules, which have was crushed and crystallized to be used as a component in various cannabis-based products.

Hash, for instance, can be either a concentrate, or oil extracted from cannabis that contains significant amounts of THC. According to appearance, hash can be described as yellowish or brown in general but it can also be reddish or be a dark maroon shade dependent on the cannabis strain that is used in the making of it. The texture of a hash can be soft and fragile, while others are harder.

The hash of today that is sold is different from the hash that was a few years ago, especially for areas like Afghan region. Today, you can choose diverse varieties that come with various THC levels. Some can reach 100 percent THC.

What is the process that hash uses to earn its fame?

Hash is among the most popular cannabis products consumed across both the United States and Canada. Hash is extremely well-known in these areas because the majority of people use cannabis to relax. The greater the THC concentration of the cannabis product the more popular.

Hash is produced today using various chemicals in order to obtain the highest THC levels. One of the methods is to place the cannabis plant inside an apparatus that is heated to a certain temperature to release the THC and then filtered. The process is then carefully in a vacuum chamber to allow the process of evaporation. The only substance that remains in the process is the extremely potent THC that is converted into a concentrate which can be transformed into hash. The typical THC concentration is between 80 and 90 percent. This is about 10 times more potent than regular cannabis joints.

This product is highly regarded with Americans and Canadians because they can take advantage of the high potency of THC in hash, despite its limited supply.

The Americans even created their own hash that has a distinct texture and color as well as a higher. This American kind of is said as smooth, with a light hue, and differs from the typical Afghan or Lebanese hash that is more dark delicious, aromatic, and flavorful and has a more rigid texture.


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