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Afghani Strain. This strain has been the parent of many current Indica hybrids. Afghani. Afghani is a must-try for any cannabis lover. A true Indica in its most pure form, expect to experience a full-bodied feeling of calm.

It’s an old-fashioned Indica cannabis strain. Expect a relaxing and calming body high that is paired with a traditional earthy Kush flavour. Buy Afghani Online

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 17%

CBD: 0.2%

Afghani Strain Experience

Afghani Strain is an indigenous landrace Indica that has been the parent of many current Indica hybrids. This robust plant is a part of The Hindu Kush mountain range and has expanded throughout the globe. It is known for its sweet, spicy scent and strong body high; it’s easy to recognize it as an Afghani impact in strains such as LA Confidential, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights.

As an authentic Indica, the effect this strain gives is highly physical. The THC concentration of this strain could not reach a high level, but it will provide deep, heavy-bodied, and calming relaxation. Expect your eyes to get heavy, and after 30 minutes later, you could feel in a state of relaxation.

While Afghani is the base of a variety of popular cannabis strains, it’s not as relaxed as the more modern versions. Instead, it’s pleasant and tiring but doesn’t knock the marijuana lovers out. However, it does provide a solid stimulant for appetite. If you’re trying to stay away from eating disorders, you’d be better off choosing other flowers.

If adequately dried, The buds of this plant display lightly pale green leaves, with lovely knots of pistils in orange. A dense layer of trichomes results in highly sticky cannabis.

Marijuana enthusiasts will recognize the smells of Kush. Afghani blends with a diesel-like scent and also scents of citrus and skunk and produces potent cannabis.

Once smoked, the famous earthy kush smell is amplified. The distinctive Kush aromas continue to linger in smoking and are incredibly harsh, like some Indicas. Even those who are experienced with marijuana are likely to cough from this strain.

Health Benefits of Afghani

A variety that has produced numerous popular medicinal marijuana varieties. The potency and variety of medicinal applications have helped its popularity last for decades within the cannabis industry for therapeutic purposes.

Patients with medical conditions tend to appreciate this strain to relieve bodily tension, muscle tension and tension.

People with sleep issues will appreciate this particular strain. It might not be the most sedative buds out on the market, but you’ll be able to enjoy a simple time taking it off.

Confident people take this strain for migraine relief.

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