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Alaskan Thunder Strain


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Alaskan Thunder Strain Fuck Alaskan Thunder Fuck has several different names. Alaskan Thunder Strain is called simply ATF or, in other instances, Matanuska Tundra or Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Whatever the name you choose to name this strain, there is a consensus on its potent ability to benefit the patients with medical cannabis users and recreational cannabis consumers alike.

The smell of ATF is incredible and merits an award of its own. It is like the scent of menthol or frosty pine… and the fresh lemon scent.

To the naked eyes, the buds are beautiful and well-groomed, except one tiny one that could do with a bit more pruning. Apart from that, Alaskan Thunder marijuana reminded me of Jack Herer. The majority are reminiscent of Jack Herer (taste smoke, taste, aroma) with a more robust (cerebral) top-of-the-line high. This is one of my top three most loved marijuana strains of all time.

Justin Andrew Howard is an American drag performer and record artist who is known under the stage title Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (primarily popularly by the mononym Alaska) and is best known for his performance as runner-up on the 5th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the winner of the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. New York magazine listed Thunderfuck among the 100 most Powerful Drag Queens in America in June of 2019.

Alaskan Thunder Strain

It’s a good option for treating ailments like PTSD, arthritis, and migraines, which is why it’s ideal for making a therapeutic strain. It’s got a unique smell, however, which is a blend of orange, banana. Diesel and Skunk If you can overcome the baffling mix-up, you’re in for pleasure.

As if it has distinct Alaskan roots, this northerly delight has become worldwide famous, not only due to its official name. It is also because of its fascinating, pleasant height. This is relaxing and enjoyable. Contrary to other sativas, ATF will cause the crash and burn that is often associated with. These kinds of strains. You can instead be enthralled by joy and a flood of creative energy. The snowy strain can know how to lighten even the coldest winters.

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