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Jungle Boys Citron Cookies


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Jungle Boys Citron Cookies, Weed packs are available for sale online, Hybrid, Indica Sativa, Indica strains, price, reviews, and delivery options available.

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Buy Citron Cookies on the internet, Jungle boys Citron Cookies is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing the traditional Jillybean and Girl Scout Cookies varieties. The name speaks for itself in terms of taste. Jungle Boys Citron Cookies strain packs a delicious and sweet candy flavor with the nutty hints of a cookie throughout. The aroma is like the flavor, but with a hint of earthiness too. The Jungle Boys citron Cookies high is as vibrant as the taste and has energizing effects that make you move physically but do not give you enough mental energy to use.

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Your muscles will feel feeling energized and tingly which makes you want to get up and out in the fresh air or start cleaning. A gentle feeling of relaxation is a part of the energizing lift, which helps keep your body from overindulging. This is due to its high 20-24% THC content, the Citron Cookies from the jungle are usually regarded as excellent for treating conditions like chronic stress, depression chronic migraines, fatigue, headaches nausea, appetite loss as well as chronic pain. Buy citron cookies online, this bud is oversized and lush forest green nugs adorned with fine amber hairs and a layer of small amber crystal trichomes. Buy citron cookies online

Citron Cookies Strain

Some reviewers suggest it could help reduce stress and create a euphoric or peaceful state of mind, however it can also cause an absence of concentration. The body’s tension increases when pain is temporarily relieved according to people who have used it. Customers have said they’ve used Indica strains to alleviate chronic anxiety, pain as well as insomnia, stress, and inflammation.


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