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Royal Kush Wax Crumble


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Our Royal Kush Wax Crumble is 90% unadulterated, making it perhaps the most perfect type of tetrahydrocannabinol accessible. It is a wax item and contains only THC , just as 10% terpenes and hints of other cannabinoids. The wax is delivered by CO2 extraction; therefore. There’s no inebriating impact after ingestion. Sweet Candy fragrance, this Wax is ensured to light up anybody’s day. Delicate and pliable, yet at the same time snaps separated effectively when cooled. Enormous lung development and a smooth intense taste that doesn’t consume the nose on the breathe out.


Assists with uneasiness and places extremely euphoric contemplations in your brain. Illustrious Kush is a ruler among crossovers, conveying incredible daze like impacts with a hearty, skunky smell. This decent mixture plummets from the famous line of Afghani and Skunk #1, two strains that have acquired amazing status among cannabis reproducers. Imperial Kush’s cheerful, euphoric unwinding branches out in full-body impacts that later straightforwardness into profound soothing quality helpful for rest. Patients treating pressure, agony, and sickness can profit from Royal Kush’s intense alleviation, however less prepared customers should take alert with this hard-hitter!



  • THC= 69.00%
  • CBD= 1.30%


Imperial Kush Wax Crumbles Properties

A portion of the impacts announced from Royal Kush Wax Crumbles are:

* Loose

* Cheerful

* Euphoric

* Drowsy

Patients report Royal Kush Wax Crumble helps them make due:

* Uneasiness

* Stress

* Torment

* Sickness

* Cramps

* Headache

* Various sclerosis

* Glaucoma

* Aggravation

* A sleeping disorder

* Loss of hunger


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